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Tenjin is one half of the Intrinsic Harmony Music group duo. Comprised of Tenjin and D.ST the debut album is a continuous story of the ups and downs of being a youth in Detroit, and paralleling the experiences with life in general. 




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12/7/18 Tenjin Drops New Banging Single - “BLACK CAT” The Intrinsic Harmony Music duo reminisce growing up, always going against the grain. Knowing that the popular thing isn't always the right is what inspired “Black Cat”, which uses a group of people refusing to let police officers shut down their party, as a metaphor to always stick to your beliefs in life no matter how unpopular they may be.

11/11/2018 Tenjin releases new single “The Cost” on Veterans Day. Available on all digital platforms. 100% of proceeds going to a Veterans Charity chosen by the fans! Please reach out on Tenjin Music social media platforms and share your favorite Veterans Charity. One charity will be picked to receive all song proceeds!!

Inspired by true events “The Cost” depicts a loving father sending a message to his son who is currently serving in the military, only to in the process, find out that his son is never coming back. The song was written in the hopes that it will serve as a reminder that soldiers are human beings prone to ups and downs, just like everybody else, and that we must support them during, and after serving our country.

10/15/18 Tenjin drops new release “New Toronto” available on all digital platforms.  New Toronto is a story of a weekend getaway to Toronto, a brief passionate affair, and leaving with a new perspective.  Check out what Teck of The Word is Bond has to say about it: CLICK HERE

7/19/18 Tenjin drops new single “Mama Don’t Know”, a story about the dark side of social media, told through contrasting humorous lyrics over a hard hitting Kanye-esque beat.  See what HWING has to say about Mama Don’t Know in the RADAR: CLICK HERE     


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Bedtime Stories


BEDTIME STORIES is written for the hiphop/rap generation that has been deprived of meaningful lyrics and the truths of reality. The lyrics are inspired by our personal struggles and achievements, as well as inspiration from music artists: Eminem, Big L, Tupac, Notorious B.I.G, NAS, D.I.T.C, Big Pun, Gangstarr, and J Dilla. This album is written for anyone with a dream and a struggle.

Bedtime Stories is a collection of songs capturing modern day ups and downs of self-image and reality, ambition and self-doubt, love and heartbreak, emotional debt, wants and needs. These stories are relayed through metaphors of childhood stories we all grew up hearing. Now, with the help of talented and world renowned music lawyer and artist manager in the music industry Howad Hertz we are one step closer. Howard Hertz clients have included George Clinton, Sippie Wallace, The Romantics, The Bass Brothers, Eminem, Marilyn Manson, Russell Simmons, Pantera, Marcus Belgrave, The GO, Mike Posner, Elmore Leonard, Warner Tamerlane and Atlantic Records.


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MAMA Don't Know

Black Cat